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304 stainless steel detection method

304 stainless steel detection method

Nowadays, many manufacturers in the society use 201 to act as 304, which hurts the interests of customers. Today I will introduce how to identify 304 stainless steel wire mesh.

1. Friction spark identification method: use 304 material and 201 material respectively, and put the spark generated by the high-speed rotating grinder, which is distinguished by the frictional high temperature effect, the number of sparks generated by oxidation of various element particles, shape bifurcation, etc. Material chemical composition and approximate content.

2, stainless steel syrup identification method: you can directly go to the stainless steel accessories store (such as Jiangtou prosperous, Xin Yongsheng) to buy, the unit price of 15 yuan a bottle. The stainless steel identification syrup is dropped on the 304 material and the 201 material respectively. It can be distinguished in two to three minutes, and different colors will be displayed.

The above two methods are the simplest and most effective identification methods.

The rest of the methods are as follows:

3, surface observation, first look at the surface of the vessel is rust, if there is no rust, you can be sure that it is stainless steel, but it can not be determined.

4, syrup detection, the market has the material to detect the water, after the drop, different colors correspond to different materials, very simple and very convenient, you can roughly determine which type of stainless steel material.

5, grinding detection, grinding wheel to see the state of the spark, but this method requires an experienced person to identify.

6, spectrum detection, instrument identification is the most accurate and the most accurate method. First, the surface is polished with a sander, but the surface must be flat and then spectrally struck. The metal elements in the material can be read in detail, and then the material is the most reliable and authoritative.

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