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Choose your mesh count

Different mesh count may suitable for different textiles, with the right knowledge you can make informed mesh decisions that will make for sharper prints, reduced ink costs, and an overall better printing experience.

110 MESH: great for printing with thicker inks, and allows for brighter prints on dark fabrics since the larger holes allow for more ink to pass through. when it comes to under bases and is the most common mesh for printing with white ink.


160 MESH: most popular screen and probably most versatile mesh count. The 160 mesh offers great ink coverage while still being able to hold medium to high detail. Most thicker inks still cruise right through this weave no prob! If you're printing black on white and white on black, and only wanting to use one screen, we recommend 160 mesh.

200 MESH: the 200 is a great mid ground between low and high mesh. It will hold your higher detail images while still giving enough ink to get a bright print. If the thicker inks begin to clog, just add a dash of reducer if using plastisol or a touch of retarder if using water based and you should be good to go!

230 MESH: the main man of high mesh, most fine detail images can be burned perfectly on a 230 screen. Definitely less ink will transfer with those tiny holes so don't go looking for super bright prints on dark fabrics without an under base or multiple layers. Paper is less absorbent than fabric so you want to lay down less ink to avoid the ink from bleeding or smearing.

280 MESH: So now we are getting into the particularly fine detail meshes. Again, great for paper, the 280 mesh can get most extra fine detail images spot on.

305 MESH: The finest of mesh we carry! 305 mesh can be used for pretty much any extreme fine detail printing on paper or lighter fabrics. Don't go messing with light inks on darker substrates though.

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