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Stainless steel wire mesh, we are experts

Stainless steel wire mesh, we are experts

Applications for stainless steel wire mesh include industrial, agricultural, technology and defense. It is closely related to the world's top technology, high-tech industries, daily necessities, cultural life, national economy, and the national economy and people's lives. The main application areas are: aviation, aerospace, printing, printing and dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing, chemical and so on. The four functions of stainless steel mesh and metal mesh are screens, filters, protection and solids. Screen: Mainly used for solid particles, powder and screening in metallurgy, coal, rubber, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, passenger car, ceramic, glass and other industries.

Stainless steel mesh use: stainless steel mesh for mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other professional mechanical equipment protection, highway guardrails, stadium fences, road green belt protection net. Can also be used in construction industry, roads, bridges for steel bars, protective nets, packaging nets, barbecue nets, barbecue oven nets, sintering furnace nets, hardware products nets, handicraft nets, sensation screens, net basket nets. , food machinery nets, cookware nets, wall nets, grain, roads, railways, infrastructure networks.

304 stainless steel screen preparation methods are: simple lines, twill, dense lines.

Because the stainless steel material has its own unique place, the processed 304 stainless steel screen has high wear resistance, long service life, very accurate mesh, uniform structure, no curl, easy to use, average screen thickness, antistatic It is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion. The product has unique properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance and wear resistance. Because of this, in recent years, stainless steel mesh has been widely used in coal mines, fuel, chemicals, food, medical drugs, Machinery manufacturing and other industries are used as mine screens.

Stainless steel mesh can be used as a safety net for a flood control, traffic, construction or hydraulic engineering, a basic network or an external network.

When you choose the screen, we will provide you with the right product according to your needs. If you have any special specifications, we will customize it for you. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you the first time you see your message. I hope that our products can meet your needs and look forward to our cooperation.

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