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How to inspect Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh inspection must follow the technical requirements of GB/T5330-2003, the inspection step is as following.

1. Stainless steel wire diameter, deviation and material inspection. The surface of the stainless steel wire mesh should be smooth and bright and there shall be no defects such as longitudinal pull marks, burrs, and rust; the wire diameter tolerance shall meet the requirements and the material shall meet the requirements.

2. The knitting precision test. Divided into 3 levels: first-order accuracy, the limit deviation of the mesh can not exceed 6%; the second-level accuracy does not exceed 9%; the third-level accuracy does not exceed 12%; it mainly tests the arithmetic mean of meshes and the size of mesh with big opening

3. The inspection of weaving quality. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in the production process maybe get some manufacturing defects, normally, when the mesh is rolled, does not allow major defects, but allowed a small number of important defects exist and a certain number of general defects exist.

4. Wire mesh width and length test. The standard length of the woven wire mesh is 30.5 meters. Only positive tolerance of +0.5m is allowed. Negative tolerances are not allowed. Each roll mesh can consist of one or up to three segments. The minimum length of the minimum mesh segment should not be less than 2 meters. Wire mesh width is within 2 meters, only positive tolerance +20mm is allowed, negative tolerance is not allowed.

5. The inspection of the dutch weave mesh. The difference from the square hole mesh is that the size of the dutch weave mesh and the density of the weft threads are measured using a steel ruler with a scale of 1 mm or a reading microscope with a division value of 0.05 mm and a magnification of 25 times. The measuring points shall be at least 3 points, and the connecting lines between the points shall not be parallel to the warp and weft. The measuring points shall not be less than 20 mm away from the edge of the screen; the allowed number of meshes with big opening between the warp threads shall not exceed 3% of the total number of the warp threads.

The specifications of the dutch weave stainless steel wire mesh:the dimensional deviation of the meshes between the warp threads and the weft density shall comply with the national standard. The dutch weave mesh should be smooth and clean, and the weft should be tightly packed with no gaps and no bright roads; there should be no mechanical damage, creases, rust, etc.

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