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Inconel Wire MeshInconel Wire Mesh

Inconel Wire Mesh is Ni - cr - iron base alloy solid solution strengthening, has good resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance, good cold and hot machining and welding performance, under 700 ℃ has a satisfactory heat intensity and high plasticity.

Inconel 230(N06230), Inconel 600(N06600), Inconel 601(N06601), Inconel 617(N06617), Inconel 625(N06625), Inconel 690(N06690), Inconel 706(N07706), Inconel 718(N07718), Inconel X-750(N07750), Inconel 751(N07751). As for details of material please click "ALLOYS".

One of the most widely used for Inconel 600(N06600).

1. good oxidation resistance to high temperature resistance.
2. in the condition of normal temperature or high temperature has good resistance to corrosion and cracking resistance.
3. whether in low or high temperature conditions have good mechanical properties.
4. control of the carbon content and grain size has the very good creep rupture strength, recommend to use above 700 degrees environment.

Inconel600 Applications
· Erosion of the thermowell atmosphere.
· Vinyl chloride monomer production: corrosion resistance to chlorine, hydrogen chloride, oxidation and carbonization.
· Uranium oxide into six fluoride: hydrogen corrosion resistance.
· The production and use of caustic alkali metal field, especially using sulfide environment.
· With titanium dioxide chlorine legal system.
· Organic or inorganic chloride and fluoride production: corrosion resistance to chlorine and fluorine.
· A nuclear reactor.
· Retort and parts heat treatment furnace, especially in the carbide and nitride atmosphere.
· Catalytic regenerator in petrochemical production is recommended to use in the application of above 700 ℃ of alloy 600h to get a longer service life.

Inconel600 alloy wire chemical composition
  Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Cu Al Ti B P S
Max 72 14-17 6-10 0.15 1.0 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.006 0.015 0.015

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