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What do we not know about 304 stainless steel wire mesh?(2)

What do we not know about 304 stainless steel wire mesh?(2)

Yesterday introduced some of the 304 stainless steel screen,today we continue to update the content to help you better choose products.

Stainless steel wire mesh can be used as safety wire mesh,foundation wire mesh or external wire mesh for flood control,traffic,construction or water conservancy projects.Because stainless steel is used as the material of the metal mesh,it has unique features such as corrosion resistance,high strength, softness and good performance.

Stainless steel mesh can be divided into: stainless steel square mesh, stainless steel dense mesh (simple mesh) stainless steel welded mesh stainless steel crimped mesh and so on. Special specifications We can customize according to the needs of users and have reached the requirements of customers.

Use field:304 stainless steel screen is mainly used for screening and filtering under the conditions of acid and antimony background.

It is mainly used as the oil industry department for slurry network,chemical and chemical fiber industry as screen filter, and electroplating industry for pickling network.

The stainless steel wire mesh produced by our factory as a safety net for construction is not easily cut by hard objects,and can be suitable for a despicable outdoor office background.It can be used repeatedly and can be used multiple times with only one investment,thus reducing costs.

When stainless steel wire mesh are used in engineering water conservancy projects,they can be used to prevent bank embankments from being scoured by flowing water to cause bank collapse and to ensure the safety of rivers with full reservoirs.

If the stainless steel welding head is found to have air,the appearance of the appearance of the eye is because the high content of stainless steel containing C,S,Si is easy to reveal the eye.The solution is to change the stainless steel material,or it is considered suitable to use low-hydrogen slag electrode.It is also easy to generate life holes if the soldering site is not clean.Because this welding site requires that all dirt,rust,and other dirt be removed before welding.The requirements for welding with low hydrogen electrodes are more stringent.

Welding current is too large.The red coating of the second half of the electrode becomes red,and it is easy to generate life hole.Because this requires an appropriate welding specification.

The upper limit of the welding current is preferably that the tail of the welding rod is not red.The low hydrogen electrode absorbs moisture easily because it must be baked at 350°C for about 1 hour before use. Otherwise it is easy to reveal it.

Wave solder joints with air:The use of low hydrogen electrodes is often easy to reveal at the joint of the weld appearance and inside the eye,The solution:When soldering joints,start the arc at 9~10mm from the arc in the forward direction of the weld.After the phenomenon of arc burning,the reverse transport rod is first returned to the crater position to fully melt and then move forward,or arcing at the weld seam can prevent the production of this type of product.

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