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How to choose the material of stainless steel mesh

Due to the high selectivity of stainless steel mesh, some customers or home manufacturers have chances to hope that low-priced materials can replace high-priced materials, such as rust resistance, and always think of replacing 316,201 with 304 instead of 304, and galvanizing. Silk replacement 201, for example, high temperature, lucky heart, maybe 304 can be used for 310S, especially the use of low-end materials on the line basically meet the requirements, take the anti-corrosion, the high temperature, 304 stainless steel name Withstanding temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius, the 310S stainless steel mesh withstands temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius; at 1100 degrees, the environment should be used to make 310S. Another example is security. To say that 304 is not enough, maybe it will not just be broken, it will not be clear how long it will take, and the risk is high. If it is broken in three days and two days, is it not worth the candle? The use of security in an overloaded state is also a problem.

Below, the company’s manager will explain the properties of various stainless steel mesh materials for everyone's convenience.

302 stainless steel net hardness, nickel content is small, the market is more chaotic

The 304, 304HC, 304L stainless steel meshes are characterized by a nickel content of not less than 8%; 304HC contains copper with good ductility. H is a shorthand for High and C is a shorthand for Cu.

304L stainless steel mesh carbon content ≤ 0.03%, also known as low carbon 304, L is short or less shorthand

316,316L stainless steel mesh is characterized by high nickel content, 316L carbon content is less than 0.03%, soft, known as low carbon high nickel.

321 stainless steel mesh contains titanium, titanium will improve the alkali resistance of the wire, alkali resistance and high temperature

430 stainless steel mesh, also known as stainless iron, is commonly used in the production of clean wire.

201, 202 stainless steel mesh containing manganese, good wear resistance, often made of high manganese stainless steel, 202 is also known as non-magnetic and nickel-free

The 310S stainless steel mesh has good high temperature resistance. The 310S stainless steel mesh can withstand 1100 degree heat, and the 314 stainless steel mesh can withstand 1400 degree heat. Mainly used for metal conveyor belts.

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