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Difficulties in processing stainless steel filters

Difficulties in processing Stainless Steel Filter Meshs
Maishi specializes in producing Stainless Steel Filter Meshs with many years of experience. Maishi tells us that the stainless steel filter is actually a metal mesh made of punch and die for CNC punching. Stainless steel filter mesh can be said to be a kind of punching net. The stainless steel filter screen has strong impact resistance, which is an advantage. Its material is stainless steel. In fact, stainless steel filters are difficult to process when processing. We have thoroughly explained the following, and we know how to do this in the future.
The processing difficulties of Stainless Steel Filter Meshs have the following three points.
1. Stainless Steel Filter Mesh cutter wears faster: The above materials generally contain high melting point elements, large plasticity, high cutting temperature, which accelerates tool wear, sharpening and changing tools, which affects production efficiency and improves tooling cost.
2, Stainless Steel Filter Mesh processing hardening: austenitic stainless steel and some high-temperature alloy stainless steel are austenitic structure, the work hardening tendency when cutting, usually several times the ordinary carbon steel, the tool cuts in the work hardening area, Reduce tool life.
3, Stainless Steel Filter Mesh is easy to stick the knife: whether it is austenitic stainless steel or martensitic stainless steel, there are characteristics of strong toughness and high cutting temperature during processing. When the strong chips flow through the rake face, the sticking phenomenon such as bonding and welding will occur, which affects the surface roughness of the machined parts.
The above is the introduction of the processing difficulties of the Stainless Steel Filter Mesh, if there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to ask questions.

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