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316 Wire Mesh

316 is marine grade stainless steel. 316 SS has excellent corrosion resistance, and in particular, performs well in its ability to resist pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments. The inclusion of molybdenum (Mo) is a major factor for the improved corrosion resistance compared to a 304 stainless steel counterpart.

316 stainless steel is heat resistant and has good oxidation resist resistance to a temperature of below 427℃temperature .316 SS is also excellent for fabrication purposes it can be formed and cut to size with appropriate tools and machinery.

Main specifications available in our stock or may require custom manufacturing.

Weave Type: Plain weave, Twilled weave

Mesh size:100 mesh to 635mesh

Wire Diameter: 0.012mm to 0.112mm

From 20 x 20 Mesh to 40 x 40 Mesh

From 50 x 50 Mesh to 500 x 500 Mesh

Due to the high tension, high precision weaving, and good wear resistance characters, 316 SS wire mesh is the top choice for anti-theft security window and door screen, allowing greater visibility and airflow, offers superior strength and security.

Mesh Size Available Screen Size
8mesha 1.2mm  
9meshx 1.0mm Widthxlength
10meshx0.8mm 750mmx 2000mm (2400mm.3000mm)
10meshx0.9mm 900mmx2000mm (2400mm.3000mm)
11meshx0.8mm 100mmx2000mm (2400mm,3000mm)
1meshx0.9mm 1200mm x 2000mm (2400m.3000mm)
12meshx0.7mm 1500mm x 2000mm (2400mm,3000mm)
14meshx0 55mm  
316 SS wire mesh has the feature of abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant and chemical resistant. So it performs well when applying to plate making printing, bulk printing, screen printing and precision printing. It`s extensive to be used for printing of spinning,glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and rubber industry. Also, due to high precision, SS 316 wire mesh can be used for PCB printing and to achieve the better printing performance.
316 wire mesh

Solar cells printing

PCB printing


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