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Stainless Steel Printing MeshStainless Steel Printing Mesh

Hebei Maishi Wire Mesh is the company who manufactures stainless steel screen printing mesh which is being made in a square shaped formation. This type of printing mesh is normally made in opening and is very high in permeation. The stainless steel printing mesh is a thin wire cloth which is produced in the basic weaving form and also has a flat exterior in its surface without having any joints. The mesh surface has a uniform opening and has acid resistant and alkali resistant capability. It is manufactured in long lasting formation and to survive form the ultra violet radiations.


Type 316
The stainless steel printing mesh is made in type 316 which is stabilized with the 2% molybdenum; It is the material which has 18-8 alloy. It has perfect resisting quality to survive against corrosion as compared to the chromium and nickel made stainless steel. This material has a unique property of T-316 which is quite durable in use. There exists some mechanical properties in this type which has a fabricating uniqueness and it is similar to T-304.
The T-316 wire mesh cloth woven has been used in chemical processing at the moment when the processing requires a better resisting capability against corrosion than normal chromium nickel types.

Type 316 L
The steel printing mesh is also formed in type 316L which is very common as T-316. The main difference in between them is that the reduced carbon material is produced in form of wire cloth weave. These products steel wire mesh and steel wire cloth are frequently used in petroleum industry. It is also providing favorable support in chemical industry and is providing various advantages in keeping environment safe. It is also providing its best assistance in mining, metallurgy, aeronautical space, paper manufacturing, electronics and many more.
Uses: Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, metallurgy etc. Special size and specification are available according to customer’s requirement.


Stainless Steel Printing Mesh Test:

raw material check
1.raw material check
material perparation
2.material perparation
finish dia.warping beam
3.finish dia.warping beam
mesh weaving
4.mesh weaving
surface check
5.surface check
length check
6.length check
material check
7.material check
packing into box
9.packing into box


Stainless Steel Printing Mesh Test:

1.mesh count inspect 2.thickness inspect
3.thread dia&hole inspect 4.tensile strength test 5.tensile strength test
Mesh/Inch Wire Diameter(mm) Screen Thickness(mm)
105 0.075 0.14
120 0.08 0.15
150 0.06 0.115
165 0.05 0.095
180 0.045 0.085
200 0.04 0.1
230 0.036 0.085
250 0.036 0.088
270 0.035 0.083
300 0.03 0.07
325 0.028 0.065
350 0.03 0.06
400 0.023 0.04

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