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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Twill Dutch Weave Mesh

Twill Dutch Weave is a kind of commonly used weaving method. Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next two adjacent complementary wires, as in a normal twill weave, except the warp wires are larger in diameter than the weft wires. This allows a greater mesh count in the weft direction. This weave pattern enables the weft wires to be woven more densely, and much smaller aperture sizes can be achieved without forsaking cloth thickness.

Maishi Twill Dutch Dutch weave stainless steel woven wire mesh / cloth offers light-proof woven, high resistance due to tight wire position, extreme low absolute grade of fineness (down to 5-6μm),high filtration performance in case of low viscose medium, it is the finest filtration in hydraulic systems, especially for critical applications as aero-space, fuel-and combustion.

AISI304, AISI 304 L, AISI 316, AISI 316 L, AISI317 etc. As for details of material please click "ALLOYS".

Mesh per Inch (Warp x Weft) Wire Diameter (Warp x Weft)
24meshx220mesh 0.30mm X 0.25mm
20meshx250mesh 0.30mm X 0.20mm
50meshx500mesh 0.14mm X 0.11mm
80mesh X 700mesh 0.10mm X 0.08mm
165mesh X 800mesh 0.071mm X 0.045mm
200mesh X 600mesh 0.071mm X 0.050mm
200mesh X 1400mesh 0.14mm X 0.09mm
165mesh X 1400mesh 0.071mm X 0.04mm
325mesh X 2300mesh 0.035mm X 0.025mm
400mesh X 2800mesh 0.030mm X 0.02mm
  1. Technical Note:
  2. 1,Standard roll length: 15.24m, 30m,30.5m, 61m
  3. 2,Standard roll width:0.61m(2'),0.9144m(3'),1.22m(4'),1.30m(4.265'),1.524m(5), 1.60m(5.25')
  4. 3,Special sizes available at request
  5. 4,Packing: in waterproof paper, PVC bag, wooden case. Custom packing available at request.

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