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WIre cloth , can also be referred to as wire mesh or wire fabric.

Wire cloth is made from a light wire diameter woven into a plain square mesh pattern, to flatten the intersection to provide a smooth surface.woven with precision to the highest accuracy and quality standards.


Wire cloth can be manufactured from any metal or metal alloy that can be drawn into wire and is suitable for manufacturing.

The most commonly used materials for the weaving of wire cloth are


Material:Low carbon steel wire

Weaving type: plain weave and twill weave

stainless steel:

Material: AISI 304, 304 H,304L, 316, 316 L,430,430A etc

Weaving Type: plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, reversed dutch weave

Copper and Copper Alloys :

Material:According to different content of Cu, it can be divided into Copper, Brass and Phosphor Bronze.

brass wire----Cu65%, phosphor bronze wire Cu85%-90%,red copper wire----Cu 99.8%

Weaving type: Plain, Twill and Dutch Weave

FeCrAl alloys:

Material: 1Cr13AL4. 1Cr12AL4 0Cr21AL6. 0Cr23AL5 0Cr25AL5 0Cr21AL6Nb 0Cr27AL7Mo2

Weaving type: Plain weave, Twill weave

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys:

Material: Aluminum Wire, Aluminum Alloy Wire, Magnalium Alloy Wire.

Weaving type: plain weave

Titanium Alloys:

Material grade: TA1, TA2 GR1, GR2, R50250.

Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave.


Material:99.6% - 99.9% silver

Weaving type:plain weave, twil了weave


OPENING (also Space). Space between adjacent parallel wires.

COUNT (also Mesh). Number of openings in a linear inch.

GAUGE. Wire size/wire diameter

WARP WIRES. Wires running the length of the cloth as woven.

OPEN AREA. The proportion of open space in a total screen area; Expressed as a percentage.

Opening area(%)=w2/(w+d)2


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